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AlgoDox Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is based on standardized practices that strictly follow industrial norms. We put up with fair assessment practices and all the refund claims are processed with vigilant parameters to make sure the decisions are justified and mutually agreeable.Our policies are treated with appropriate measures to settle different claims, originating from different assortments of needs and various business situations.

Coverage & Scope

This Refund Policy covers AlgoDox action and approach towards refunds. This Refund Policy does not apply to the practices of companies that AlgoDox does not own or control or of persons that AlgoDox does not employ or manage, including any third-party service and/or product providers bound by contract and any third-party websites to which AlgoDox website link.


When Do You Qualify For Refunds?

When you file a complaint to AlgoDox, we first try to provide an ideal solution to the issue you are facing. Your case is first introduced to the technical team and then reported further to the experts’ panel. Refund is only made in the extreme circumstances, when nothing good can be done to solve the issue.

While planning for refunds we check for soundness and validity of the case, applying different conditions to it. If these conditions are satisfied, refund may apply*

* Development/Post-sales operations has not yet started
* The issues with the project are beyond the scope of rectification/resolution/fixing
* You have not violated our payment terms
* You have not used any information for monetary/business benefits (gained during the course of association)
* The reasons you made are valid/rational/realistic enough to qualify for refund trial
* Should be able to demonstrate his/her innovative UI design and development skills and understand what makes an app addictive and appealing.
* You have presented all the proofs and evidences surfacing your refund claim
* The claim does not arise from any billing dispute coming from your bank or payment vendor
*Important Note: If any of the points mentioned above is found violated, your claim will be considered void. The decision on refunds is final and irrevocable.

Delivery Time

* Full refund: In cases where the project has not been started or if the initial design style has not been approved. The Full Refund policy will initiate after receive the upfront payment date and will take minimum 30 working Days to refund the amount.
* Partial refund: If there is a failure to deliver as per our delivery policy after the approval of the initial design style. The partial refund will be in proportion to the work completed.
* No refunds: If the project has been completed and released to the server.


AlgoDox may at any time, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, amend this policy periodically. You are expected to check the policy from time to time for updates. For more information on our Refund Policy, contact us at [email protected].

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